Friday, February 25, 2011

Providing Value to Your Customers Not Bullshit!

My drive home from work is typically listening to either Stanford's Entrepreneur Corner (EC) podcast (on my USB memory stick), Success Magazine's CD, or National Public Radio (NPR). As I continue driving home on the freeway in my little hybrid vehicle, I heard something about stop focusing on money but instead focus on value. Rather than thinking about how much money my startup company will bring, think about the value my startup will provide to my customers. And what my customers are willing to pay for it. Instead of thinking about how much I should be getting pay for my current position, think about what value I bring to my employer. What does my employer willing to pay for the value I bring to the table? After 30 minutes into this audio CD about value from Success Magazine's CD, I realized that customer is everything! Customer is the key to success. Give the customers (my employers, people that use my products) what they want with the best of my ability and nothing else really matter. My value speaks for itself and that should be the baseline for my compensation. By giving your customer your very best, your customers will appreciate you for it and should be willing to compensate your hard work. It is your duty to maintain this high standard of workmanship and quality of products you delivered. If you fail to maintain the consistency, your customers could and most likely will turn on you by either give you bad rating and leave you for some one else better.

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